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Cultivated from the experience and innovation of an 80 year old metropolitan law firm servicing companies nationally, myHRcounsel® is bringing a new business model to the HR and legal functions.  Dealing with employee and HR issues is a day by day, hour by hour task.  The legal compliance of those tasks changes daily, and has greatly increased in complexity.  For the traditional law firm model, this is great news.  More billable hours, at higher rates.

At myHRcounsel® we don’t think that’s right.  Instead, we think the HR and legal functions dealing with these issues should have a partner for advice, second opinions, and time consuming administrative tasks, but at a price that is affordable and predictable.  So myHRcounsel cracked the code. 

We provide experienced HR and business attorneys, live and online anytime, at a flat-rate monthly subscription, with no additional fees.  This takes the guess work out of how much a particular issue might cost and puts the onus on us, your counsel, to become efficient, get to the point, and provide you the best legal advice to solve the issue in your favor.

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