We are pleased to announce a new partnership with TopDogHR

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between TopDogHR and myHRcounsel™!  HR, business, and workforce compliance are only getting more complicated with the many new and ever-changing federal and state laws affecting recruiting, hiring and on-boarding.  After navigating through just the various recruiting and onboarding laws, now a business has to deal with the daily challenges of ERISA, HIPAA, ACA, FMLA, ADA, Sick leave laws, and changes to EEOC and OSHA requirements. Having the right advisors and tools to navigate these complicated employment laws requires knowledgeable and responsive counsel.

The entire hiring process has now become easier for businesses through TopDogHR, who has developed industry-leading, end-to-end recruitment management solutions to recruit, screen, hire, and onboard faster.   With its new partnership with myHRcounsel™, TopDogHR now includes the legal and compliance services provided by myHRcounsel™.

In addition to receiving assistance with recruitment management, background checks, drug testing, and human resource management tools, to name just a few, you can now bring your company “into compliance” and avoid the hassles and high fees incurred with attorneys in doing so.  myHRcounsel™, through their HR Concierge Service, provides legal protection and compliance to your business by providing counsel and important current documentation to the HR and legal functions critical to your business.  In addition, myBIZcounsel (staffed by myHRcounsel) provides businesses with efficient legal contract drafts, reviews, and edits   And unlike other “HR solutions” companies staffed by non-lawyers and providing “sample” legal documents that may or may not meet your legal needs, myHRcounsel™ and myBIZcounsel™ provide legal advice you can rely on and legal documents you can use, not just disclaimers and warnings followed by a referral to an hourly lawyer!  On-call and on-line 7 days a week for a low monthly per employee per month (PEPM) fee, this legal solution is a disruptor to the industry and saves our clients time and money while providing world-class legal advice!

About TopDogHR

TopDogHR’s innovative software makes it easier for users to create job positions, advertise on all job boards and social media platforms, schedule interviews, perform compliant background checks, and effortlessly onboard applicants through the hiring process.  TopDogHR has provided superior technology and services for over 16 years.  Their innovative cloud-based system can be used anywhere, and users receive support from real people, which makes TopDogHR an easy choice for businesses in the U.S. 

To learn more, visit: www.TopDogHR.com 

About myHRcounsel

myHRcounsel, with its HR Concierge Service and myBIZcounsel solutions, provides on-demand legal and compliance services through a call center and web and mobile applications. myHRcounsel is staffed with 35+ attorneys capable of advising on all federal and 50 state employment and corporate laws.  Their history of providing services in this format has afforded their clients to receive instant answers on everyday HR compliance questions, expedited contract reviews and provided a complete array of employment and business law documents and agreements at a greatly reduced fee.  myHRcounsel’s HR Concierge Service and myBIZcounsel are provided for a reasonable monthly fee and are available 7 days a week. To learn more, visit: www.myHRcounsel.com