St. Louis, MO Minimum Wage Lowered

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has announced that he will let a bill that repeals the St. Louis minimum wage law, which will lower the St. Louis minimum wage from $10 to the state law of $7.70 per hour.  The Missouri minimum wage is tied to the rate of inflation.  The bill will also block cities and counties from setting their own minimum wages in the future, by enforcing a Missouri state-wide standard.  Even without the Governor's signature, the law is set to take effect on August 28, 2017.

Workers in St. Louis were currently making $10 per hour as of May, plus the minimum wage was due to rise to $11 per hour in January 2018.  Governor Greitens cited the $15 minimum wage hike, which he believes(and studies have found) to cost both businesses and the worker money and jobs.  Missouri has now joined 17 other states who have preemptive laws, which prohibit local minimum wage legislation.