Minneapolis Plastic Bag Ban Blocked at Last Minute


On Tuesday May 30th, Governor Mark Dayton signed a 10 budget bills, but among them was a provision that prohibited cities from banning any type of bag- whether that means paper, plastic, or reusable.  This took effect Wednesday May 31, which means the Minneapolis plastic bag ban will no longer take effect today June 1, 2017.  The City Council still hopes to implement some of the provisions of the bill.

Also important to note is that Governor Dayton did not sign the "pre-emption bill" whcih would have blocked the paid sick-leave ordinance or the proposed $15 minimum wage.


Effective June 1, 2017, businesses in Minneapolis will no longer be allowed to provide plastic bags as a carry out option.  This was passed by the Minneapolis City Council, who voted 10-3 in April.  The goal of the ordinance is to reduce litter, waste, and the environmental impact that plastic bags have.  The ordinance states that:

a.       Retail establishments may not provide plastic carryout bags

b.      Retail establishments may only provide recyclable bags to customers, compostable bags, or bags that are designed to be used multiple times

c.       If a retail establishment is to provide a bag, the establishment must charge at least $.05 per bag(or choose to take on this cost on their own).  Those customers who receive food assistance are exempt from the charge.

City Councilman Cam Gordon has stated that Minneapolis will not enforce the ban, likely not until the next year.  This ordinance does have a few exemptions, for example: take-out food, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, and some grocery items.

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