January 2017 EEOC Update

Fiscal Year 2016 Enforcement and Litigation Data Released

On January 18th, the EEOC released detailed breakdowns of the 91,503 charges of workplace discrimination the EEOC received during fiscal year 2016.  This was also the first year that the EEOC included specific information in regards to LGBT charges in the report.  The EEOC claims to have settled 1,650 charges for LGBT individuals.  

The top five charges were: Retaliation, Race, Disability, Sex, and Age discrimination. 


President Trump Appoints Victoria A. Lipnic

On January 25th, the EEOC announced that President Trump has named Victoria A. Lipnic the acting Chair of EEOC.  Previously, Lipnic has served as the Commissioner of the EEOC since 2010, after she was nominated by President Obama.  To learn more, click here…


Digest of EEO Law Issued

 The EEOC announced on January 11, 2017 the release of the latest edition of the “Digest of Equal Opportunity Law (EEO Digest)”, which can be viewed for free online.  The EEO Digest is released quarterly each year and features a number of recent court cases and decisions that may be of interest.


EEOC Issues Regulations on the Federal Government’s Obligation to Engage in Affirmative Action for People with Disabilities

On January 3, 2017, the EEOC published regulations explaining what federal agencies must do to comply with their legal obligation in affirmative action for individuals with disabilities.  Since these regulations were federal, local and state governments and private businesses have no obligations imposed on them.  Additionally, the EEOC provides a Q & A document on the new regulations.


Disability Discrimination Settlement of $139,366

A company has agreed to settle a disability discrimination suit brought on behalf of the EEOC for $139,366!  The company violated federal law by forcing an employee to provide medical documentation to prove that they were not HIV-positive, and the employee was terminated when they failed to provide the documentation.  This is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  To learn more about this case, click here…


$4.25 Million to Settle Sex Discrimination Suits

 The EEOC announced that it has reached an agreement with a group of affiliated coal mining companies who had hiring practices that essentially excluded women from working in underground mines or other coal production positions.  The companies agreed to pay $4.25 million to settle the charges.  Sex discrimination violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  To learn more about this case, click here…