EEOC Updates

Digest of Equal Opportunity Employment Opportunity Law Released

Also known as the EEO Digest, the quarterly publication features recent EEOC decisions and federal court cases, which can be a good resource for employers. 

EEOC Sues for Retaliation

A company has violated federal law when it fired an employee who was fired for complaining about racial discrimination.  A black employee believed they were next in line for a promotion, and shortly after saw a white employee operate in that position.  The employee complained and within a few days, they were terminated in retaliation for the complaint.  Read more..

$250,000 to Settle Age and Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

The owner and operator of a casino and hotel will pay $250,000 to settle an age and sex discrimination lawsuit brought by the EEOC.  The suit was brought on because management of the casino and hotel opted to hire younger candidates and male candidates over females regardless of qualifications.  Additionally, management took photos of employees and opted to screen out older, less attractive employees.  Read more...

Company Sued for Pregnancy Discrimination

The EEOC has filed a lawsuit against a company alleging pregnancy discrimination.  A woman had a position which required use of various chemicals for furniture repair.  The manager showed a bottle which had a warning that posed risks for pregnant women.  The woman was then barred from working in that facility.  According to law, pregnant women have the right to make their own decisions about working while pregnant.  Read more…

Company Sued for Religious Discrimination

A man who practices Rastafarianism was prohibited from returning to work after he refused to cut his dreadlocks, which were worn in observance of his religious beliefs.  Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this conduct was illegal because it requires employers to make reasonable accommodations to employees’ religious beliefs as long as it does not undue hardship to the business.  Read more…