Potential New California Employment Bills

There are many potential employment bills in California which could soon become law, which employers should all take notice of.

AB 2261

This bill if passed, will grand the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) the independent authority to bring an action against an employer who terminates or discriminates an employee under the jurisdiction of the Labor Commissioner.  The DLSE does not need an employee complaint to bring action against the employer.

SB 878

Also known as the Reliable Scheduling Act of 2016, it would require grocery, restaurant, and retail employers provide non-exempt employees with a 21-day in advance work schedule.  If for some reason the employee is not given the advanced work schedule, they will be required to receive ‘modification pay.’

SB 1063

Known as the “Wage Equality Act of 2016,” this bill would add further protections to the Fair Pay Act.  It would prohibit employers from paying employees different wages for performing “substantially similar work.”  The employer must demonstrate that the difference in wage is based on enumerated factors.

AB 1843

This would prohibit employers from asking on an application information about juvenile court actions or custodial detentions.  For background screening solutions, visit our partners at Asurint.com

SB 1001

Adds to last year’s AB 1065 which would make it illegal to request more or different documents than requiring under federal law to verify that the individual is not an unauthorized alien, or refuse to honor the documents that were given.  Those who suffer from an unfair immigration related practice will now have the right to action.

SB 1166

This adds protections to AB 908, which increased the amount of benefits paid to employees on paid family leave and state disability leave.  It would prohibit state/local governments and small private employers (with 10 or more employers) from refusing to allow employees of 12 weeks of parental leave.