April 2016 Law Updates


·         CA approves first statewide $15 minimum wage

·         CA Court of Appeals expands FEHA’s reasonable accommodation requirements to employees who are associated with a person with disabilities.

·         Governor Brown signs paid family leave into law

·         Mandatory sexual harassment training requirements amended

·         CA Supreme Court issues pro-arbitration agreement decision

·         CA Supreme Court rules on when seating must be provided by employers

·         Pasadena has imposed a city-wide minimum wage increase

·         San Francisco will now require employers to provide paid paternal leave



·         Louisiana Governor signs LGBT discrimination in public employment and services executive order


 ·         New Religious Freedom Law explained

·         MS Supreme Court rules on employees workplace firearms rights


·         Changes made to data breach statute

 New York

 ·         New York City’s Human Rights Law is amended

·         New York State will provide paid family leave and $15 minimum wage

 North Carolina 

·         NC legislation removed LGBT protections and possible wrongful termination claims

·         NC Supreme Court reiterates blue pencil approach to overboard non-competes


·         Medical marijuana law enacted

·         PA Governor issues an executive order protecting LGBT rights


 ·         Austin bans the box


 ·         Seattle Office of Labor Standards announces ‘soft launch’ for enforcement of amendments to labor standards ordinances


·         WY Governor signs Veteran Preference Law