Why a company needs myHRcounsel

At myHRcounsel, we are striving to change the game when it comes to HR and employment compliance issues.  In the past, law firms and attorneys would charge hourly fees, which were often expensive and a hassle to deal with.  At myHRcounsel, for just a few dollars a month per employee, we are available around the clock to answer any of the daily HR and employment questions that a company may have.  Instead of the traditional hourly rate, by providing a monthly fee, a company would be able to consult with us as much as they would need, for that same monthly fee, without worrying about having many billable attorney hours.

To show where myHRcounsel would be a benefit to your company, let us provide you with a real-world example.  The Federal Aviation Agency are seeking a $114,975 fine against the parent company of Sun Country Airlines (MN Airlines, LLC), for allegedly violating federal drug and alcohol testing regulations.  Among the services that we offer, we provide counsel for drug testing policies.  There are currently over 30 states with differing  laws and at least 4 federal laws that apply to drug testing in the workplace. 

We believe that myHRcounsel can provide a great service for companies like this.  Sun Country Airlines has close to 1,400 employees currently.  With our fee per employee of $3 per month ($4,200), they could have paid for over two years of our service, for the amount that they are going to be fined, on a simple employment question like drug testing. 

At myHRcounsel, we aim to provide first-rate support to these employment questions to keep your company out of legal trouble.  Contact us for a quote today.