Minneapolis Changes Fair Scheduling Proposals

In our recent blogs (September 23 and October 2), we talked about the recent Minneapolis Fair Scheduling Proposal, and the potential increase in minimum wage to $15 per hour.  This lead to some heated debates about the proposals, specifically with the restaurants and outdoor businesses.   

On October 6th, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges announced in a press release changes to the City’s Working Families Agenda draft proposal after feedback from Minneapolis buisnesses, workers, advocates, and community members.

 The consensus agreement to the changes to the Working Families proposal include:

·         A shorter window of 14 days advance notice, as opposed to the original 28.

·         Establishing minimum scheduling standards that promote adequate rests between closing and opening shifts (clopening), and provide one 7th day of rest each week.

·         Preserving the status quo for scheduling practices that include “4-10s,” or 4 shifts working 10 hours per day, and split shifts.

·         Phased implementation for smaller businesses allowing for additional time to establish new systems and practices.

·         Seeking support from the city or other partners to implement the policies, especially assistance with technology or methods of predicting schedules.


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For more info, follow our blog, and visit: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/mayor/news/WCMS1P-149888