Six Revealing Interview Questions

When looking for new candidates, reviewing their education and work history can only go so far to see if they will be a fit with the company.  Recently, companies have been changing their interview process to a more cultural feel.  They are doing this to have more cohesive teams, which match the feel of the office.  These cultural interview questions are designed to see if the candidate is capable of delivering what the company needs, but also if the candidates match the company’s core values. 

1.      Willingness to take risks

If asked, ‘are you afraid to fail,’ few people will actually say yes.  Instead, rephrasing the question to ask what the candidate is most and least proud of allows them to give examples of risks taken.  From the HR side, they are looking for the candidate to own a mistake that they have taken.  This shows that they would be willing to take future risks, as opposed to saying they never want to make a mistake again, which will show that they are unwilling to take chances.

 2.      Commitment to self-improvement

HR professionals are looking for candidates that not only take risks, but are ones that acknowledge mistakes and what they learned from them.  The willingness to improve makes a strong character. 

 3.      Eager to Learn

A willingness to learn is always a strong suit.  By asking “How do you spend your time off,” you can learn about their curiosity.  For example, a person who likes to travel to foreign places, or someone who spent the weekend building a new deck for their home would be a positive.  It shows that they are willing to try a new thing, and could be an asset to the company.

4.      A Willingness to Help Others

Stories that involve great teamwork, and a willingness to help others are a positive that companies look for.  Someone who is willing to help others, can be a benefit to the team, and would be a good one to have with the staff.   

5.      A Love of Food

“What is your favorite food?”  Seems like a simple question right?  If a candidate can’t talk about a simple thing like food that should be a red flag that they wouldn’t be fit for the company.  The question should be an easy one to answer, and usually provides many interesting answers.

6.      A Candidate who can React and Adjust

An interviewer provided the story about how she would do a little experiment where she drops her pen while walking to her office with the candidate.  Do they pretend not to notice? Do they stop and pick it up?  Also, during the interview, changing the pace of the questions provides another opportunity to see how the candidate responds to changes.  The ability to adapt to changes is a strong skill that employers look for, and also tells you about their personality.